Walk n Talk Sessions

Nicole Takes Therapy from the Office to the Boardwalk

Nicole had the idea during a session with a client named Susan (not her real name) who was suffering from depression after a car accident. Susan had put on a considerable amount of weight since the accident, had back pain and was not motivated to do her exercises recommended by her Physiotherapist. Susan spent most of her days lying on the couch which added to her depression, weight gain and lack of motivation. It had become a vicious cycle.

After working with Susan for 6 months, it was clear that despite her wanting to feel better she wasn't motivated to implement the suggestions or use the resources Nicole provided to reduce her depression.

Nicole decided that instead of just talking to Susan about the importance of getting out of the house, the next session would take place outside while they slowly walked. Nicole thought that at least this would get Susan moving and get some sunshine while they were together. Nicole hoped this would lead to Susan getting outside on her own.

The results were astounding, being outside and walking lead Susan to start walks on her own which improved her mood in addition to the progress she was making in therapy. Her back pain also dissipated and she started losing weight.

Nicole quickly started offering Walk n Talk sessions to all of her clients with great results.

How it Works

Clients come to sessions with comfortable shoes and a bottle of water. The session starts and ends at Nicole's Lakeshore boulevard west office. Walks vary in intensity and can last up to one hour.

Walk n Talk sessions take place in the summer months, weather permitting.

Why is Therapy While you Walk Effective?

First, being outside in the fresh air and sunshine releases Vitamin D which elevates mood. Most people don't get enough of this essential vitamin. Briskly walking for more then 20 minutes releases endorphins which also improve your mood. Walking gets the blood and the lymphatic system pumping, which is good for the brain. Most clients report, in addition to their progress from therapy, they feel grounded, have increased energy, less tension in their body and feel refreshed.

Confidentiality and Walk n Talks

The same confidentiality rules apply during a Walk n Talk session as in a normal therapy session.

Walk n Talk sessions take place during quieter hours on the boardwalk, usually Monday through Friday from 11:00am to 5:00pm. Lunchtime sessions are popular.

To book your Walk n Talk session call Nicole at 416-619-0442

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